Not everyone has a sob story...and even if they do, it's no excuse."

July 06, 2004 @ 4:00 p.m.

I love the jungle brothers, I think that they are far too underrated for it to even be okay. But then again Iíve only heard 4 songs. I LOVE the four songs though. Iím listening to BBC6. Good station. I totally forgot about Internet radio until today so Iím having wonderful moments of re-discovery. Itís a fabulous thing.

Anna was saying how I never update, and thatís true, so I thought I may as well. Life is weird right now. Itís all going so good. I donít even know what to think. Iím working at the casino more or less full time and I love it. And Iím moving out at the beginning of August to live with a bunch of friends. It should be awesome. Iím pretty excited. Yesterday I decided to take schmidts advice and I played hard on the swings. I gave myself the fear and it was awesome. No fear. Thatís the best way to live your life. I just have to try harder at that then most people, but I will do it. Seriously. Iím making the first steps right now. Iím trying to just love the little things and let shit that doesnít matter slide. Itís just a matter of deciding that something doesnít matter and sticking to it. But all in all, all is well. Iím happy. Someone freeze frame this moment, who knows when it will happen again?

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